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The IDEP is a monitored, documented experience program administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) for entry-level designers. IDEP assists entry-level interior designers in obtaining a broad range of quality professional experience. The program provides a structure for the essential transition between formal education and professional practice, recognizing the differences between classroom and workplace. IDEP helps prepare participants for the NCIDQ Examination. While gaining the experience necessary to sit for the exam, apply for Louisiana Intern Interior Design status. 

In order to participate in the IDEP program, the participant needs an IDEP SUPERVISOR. This is an employer or immediate supervisor within the office. The supervisor must be an NCIDQ Certificate holder or a licensed/registered interior designer or an architect who offers interior design services.

A MENTOR is also needed to participate in the IDEP program. The MENTOR is an interior designer for whom the intern does not work. The mentor will give career advice as the intern moves through the program. The mentor should communicate with the intern at least three times a year. The mentor must be an NCIDQ Certificate holder or a licensed/registered interior designer. The mentor should be employed outside the intern's firm or should have a non-supervisory relationship with the intern. Click here to locate a mentor.

For additional information on the NCIDQ IDEP program please visit www.ncidq.org

List of current Louisiana Intern Interior Designers who have indicated they would like to be contacted by potential employers.




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